Watch TV Everywhere

WatchTV Everywhere allows you to watch your favorite programming on your terms–and best of all, it’s free with your Lehigh Valley Cooperative Telephone Association Cable TV subscription!

As a Lehigh Valley Cooperative Telephone Association television and Internet subscriber you can utilize WatchTVEverywhere! You are able to stream your favorite channels and programming to your tablet, smart phone, or laptop. From your home to your hotel, anywhere you can receive an Internet signal you will be able to access WatchTVEverywhere. WatchTVEverywhere is different from Hulu and Netflix in several ways. First it’s free! You only need to have a subscription to the network you want to watch. The second difference is that it includes live TV; for example, WatchTVEverywhere will include news coverage. Lastly, WatchTVEverywhere has full episodes of current TV shows that are available within days of their premiers.

It is simple to start using WatchTVEverywhere. All you have to do is:

•    Go to

•    Select your TV provider: Lehigh Valley Cooperative Telephone Association

•    Select Register on the Home Page

•    You will need two pieces of information to register

1.    Your account number (with the leading zeros from your Lehigh Valley Cooperative Telephone Association bill)

2.    The correct spelling of your last name on your account

•    You will get an email verifying your email address and you are ready to go!

To watch shows on your computer you will simply select the station on the WatchTVEverywhere homepage and it will take you to the station’s website. For cell phone and tablet use, you will want to download the respective station’s app.