Lehigh Valley Cooperative Telephone Association offers Internet service to Lehigh, Callender, Dayton, Harcourt.

High speed Internet service, with high tech fiber optic. Let us tailor the Internet experience to your needs.  You must carry a telephone land line to get the internet from us.

DSL Internet Service
Whether you use the web to research products, shop, download files, or send and receive e-mail, if you are doing it with a slow internet connection, make the move to our Fiber Optic DSL and experience the Internet the way it was meant to be: fast.

Features of DSL
With Lehigh Valley Cooperative high speed DSL internet connection you can stop wasting you're time, and start enjoying the web. We currently changed our DSL speeds we now have faster DSL speeds for a lower cost.

Speed* Price**
25mb/25mb $39.99
50mb/50mb $89.99
100mb/100mb $169.99
1 Gig Available call office

**A $50 installation fee is also charged upon connection.


SecureIT Plus builds upon the base security protection from viruses, worms, and missing Microsoft patches delivered by SecureIT. With SecureIT Plus, not only is your computer fully protected from all various expanded Internet Security threats, but it's also optimized and maintained to provide you with top notch performance. Features include:

•Automated Spyware Protection
•Automated Virus Protection
•Automated Windows Updates
•Disk Optimization
•Popup blocker for Internet Explorer
•Monthly Reports
•$7.95 /month

For more information on this product, please contact the office.

Have questions about your Internet service?
If you would prefer to call, please dial 515-359-2211 anytime during working hours.

Having Internet Issues?
We offer Tech Support 24/7, 365 days a year.
Tech Support can be reached locally at 359-4000.

Service Guide

Acceptable Use Policy for Internet Service