About Us

The Lehigh Telephone Company was established early in the 1900’s and was owned by various individuals. The last owner was Harold Aringdale. Lehigh Valley Co-op Telephone Association was incorporated on December 3, 1949 and purchased the telephone system from Mr. Aringdale in 1953.

In July 1, 1959, Lehigh Valley Co-op Telephone purchased the exchange of Callender from the Callender Mutual Telephone Company. Also in 1959, they purchased the Harcourt Exchange from the Harcourt Co-op Telephone Company.

In 1961, the Callender, Lehigh, and Harcourt exchanges were changed to a Stromberg-Carlson rotary dial system with all underground buried outside plant, But all exchanges were still party lines. It wasn’t until 1967, the exchanges were upgraded to all single party, both in town and rural.

In 1984, Lehigh Valley Cooperative Telephone Association purchased the Dayton exchange from General Telephone of the Midwest. In 1986, more construction began in all exchanges including the installation of Northern Telecom DMS-10 Digital Switches.

In 1998, the digital switches were removed and were replaced with Northern Telecom RSCS remote switches with the main switch, a Northern Telecom DMS-100, located in Kamrar, Iowa owned by Iowa Networks Services. Also in 1998, new fiber optic equipment and cable were installed to connect all exchanges.

Present Board of Directors:
Kenneth Sanders, President
Brian Lambert, Vice-President
James Hay, Secretary/Treasurer
Kevin Kruse
John Flickinger
Mark Lundgren   
David Cramer

Present Employees:
James Suchan, General Manager
Sheila Johnson
Mary Housken
Brooke Field
Kenneth Kruse
Kurt De Vries
Kyle Reed
Gary Carlson

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